Feel the Bern - Issues that might play at the Democratic Convention for Bernie Sanders.

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  2. re: FDR, the last candidate to emerge from a brokered convention and win the presidency. Bernie's road map?

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Feel the Bern - Chronological Links to Contributing Factors in the Rise of Bernie Sanders. (Newest to Oldest)

  1. re: official positions on the issues

  2. re: official rebuttals to “Why Bernie can’t Win”

  3. re: Robert Reich’s responses to Bernie skeptics

  4. re: Inside Gov candidate review

  5. re: Democratic Socialism defined

  6. re: interactive quiz to see which candidate best fits your beliefs

  7. re: Michigan is Just the Start of Bad News for Hillary Clinton

  8. re: What The Stunning Bernie Sanders Win In Michigan Means

  9. re: Video: The Truth Behind the Agenda

  10. re: Video: Tulsi Gabbard: No more interventionist wars of regime change

  11. re: Video: John Oliver on Donald Trump and the 2016 Elections

  12. re: 10 Things You Need to Know about the Colorado Caucus

  13. re: Video: How to Caucus for Bernie in Colorado

  14. re: The Establishment vs Bernie Sanders

  15. re: If Sanders Loses - Will Bernie Believers Take Down The DNS?

  16. re: FB Video: Killer Mike tells it like it is...

  17. re: Reuters Poll: Sanders leads Clinton Nationwide!

  18. re: With Donald Trump Looming, Should Dems Take a Huge Gamble by Nominating Hillary?

  19. re: Fight the soulless juggernaut: Sanders vs Clinton

  20. re: Video: Before We Vote For Hillary, Let's Take A Look Back!

  21. re: Video: Bernie Sanders arrested at 21 years old, supporting Black Lives Matter way back when

  22. re: Bernie Sanders Vows to Protect Organic Farming, Calls Out Monsanto

  23. re: White Lady with $650K Speaking Fee wants Black Americans to know: She's Down with their Struggle

  24. re: Sanders Raised $16M from the Unemployed and Reetired - Bloomberg Report

  25. re: Hillary Clinton Donors hear concerns about Nevada outcome - NY Times

  26. re: Clark County Black Caucus in Nevada announce support for Sanders

  27. re: I'm A Conservative Who Supports Bernie Sanders and Here's Why

  28. re: Earthquake Through The Democratic Race As Sanders Leads Clinton In Colorado

  29. re: The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sandesr

  30. re: Video: Bill Maher on Big Pharm ownership of the US government

  31. re: Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Frontrunner, Fox News

  32. re: Poll: Sanders Outperforms Clinton in Hypothetical General-Election Matchup

  33. re: Talk Bernie To Me - Video

  34. re: Hedge Fund Billionaires Fund Anti-Sanders Super PAC

  35. re: Sanders Re-Energizes for the Next Round

  36. re: How quickly we forget - Hillary in the former Clinton Years

  37. re: Is Bernie Crazy? A deep dive into Education, Criminal Justice, Workers' Rights, and Healthcare

  38. re: World's Most Famous Economist - Bernie is changing the US, no matter the outcome.

  39. re: Why Bernie vs Hillary Matters More than You Think

  40. re: Black Progressives, It's Time to Unite Against Establishment Politics

  41. re: The Effects of Racism - Video: Bernie will stand up against the crooked criminal justice system

  42. re: Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine

  43. re: Video Documentation of changing positions via Hillary Clinton speeches

  44. re: In Fact, Medicare-for-All Numbers DO ADD UP

  45. re: 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders will win the presidency

  46. re: The Koch Brothers' Dirty War on Solar Power

  47. re: Young Black Voters looking to support Bernie

  48. re: Harry Belafonte Endorses Bernie

  49. re: Democratic Establishment use of Super Delegates as scare tactic

  50. re: MSNBC on Bernie’s coalition – not what we thought it was

  51. re: Bernie Sanders will ban fracking

  52. re: Daily Kos on Naïve Clinton Pragmatists

  53. re: video on Bernie’s request for Americans to Stand Together

  54. re: video demonstrating wealth inequality and distribution in US

  55. re: Robert Reich on Bernie Naysayers

  56. re: early February observation from CNN Money on income and jobs to soar under Bernie

  57. re: early February women’s lib statements rebuked by public ire #1

  58. re: early February women’s lib statements rebuked by public ire #2

  59. re: Bernie on Climate Change

  60. re: Veteran thanks Bernie for vote against Iraq war

  61. re: Norway socialism vs Bernie’s ideas

  62. re: late January, commercial #2

  63. re: late January prediction of Bernie winning the first 4 caucuses

  64. re: Bernie taking on Goliath and starting to win

  65. re: 170 top economists back plan to break up biggest banks

  66. re: Bernie bending the arc of history towards justice

  67. re: Bernie’s December commercial #1

  68. re: How the Impossible became the Inevitable

  69. re: Huffington Post mid-January prediction: Sanders will win democratic nomination

  70. re: Susan Sarandon endorsement

  71. re: Bernie’s address on Wall Street Reform and Financial Policy

  72. re: Bernie Sanders on Federal Ban on Marijuana

  73. re: Various reporting on Bernie’s positions and endorsements

  74. re: Bernie Sanders doesn’t want your vote Wall Street

  75. re: Democracy for America endorsement

  76. re: 24 facts about Bernie

  77. re: Anonymous announces their support for Bernie

  78. re: 12/2015 Video: Clinton and ISIS, Terror, Iraq

  79. re: Time Magazine’s reader’s poll for TIME Person of the Year

  80. re: Sanders on Clinton’s contribution to the rise of ISIS

  81. re: Hillary vs Sanders on Middle Class taxes

  82. re: Sanders on Climate Change

  83. re: Trump is getting the press, but Bernie is more important for our future

  84. re: ISIS and the media’s manipulation

  85. re: mass shootings

  86. re: his bill to abolish For-Profit Prison Industrial Complex

  87. re: even conservative billionaires are talking like Bernie – afraid of income inequality

  88. re: establishment politicians, Koch brothers’ agenda: buying votes, collapse of American working class in despair

  89. re: Black Political Leaders Endorse Bernie in South Carolina

  90. re: making his positions on the issues to Millennials, and everyone else

  91. re: John McCain on Bernie vs Hillary and Vet Advocacy

  92. re: July observation about Bernie’s rise in popularity

  93. re: Hillary Clinton hires former Monsanto Lobbyist to run her campaign